Monte Samouqueira Portugal


Farm house
We are particularly proud of this building!
The man who did the renovations has been living in it as a child and enjoyed the restoration of its' 500-years-old glory.
It is now a respectable house with all modern comforts.
It has a big living-room, 2 large sleeping rooms, a kitchen and 2 bathroom's ,one of them with a bath.
There are fireplaces in the living-room and in both bedrooms.
There are terraces on three sides of the house.

What were once the stables where the servants slept, is now a comfortable 4 person cottage with two spacious bedrooms to which an extra bed is easily added.
The charming cottage is decorated with a cozy bathroom, a cozy living room and full kitchen.
On either side of the house are terraces where the posterior terrace is half-shaded by a beautiful palm tree.

Log cabin
A surprisingly cozy cottage for 4 persons with fully equipped kitchen. It has two separate bedrooms and a shower-toilet. Previously, the terrace was shaded by a beautiful mimosa, but unfortunately it hasn't survived a big storm. Now it is coveverd with bamboe.

Tents, Camper or Caravan
Monte Samouqueira is equipped with a number of pitches for camping with a tent, caravan or camper.
If you book in advance you have a private shower / toilet.
You can use the beautiful outdoor kitchen with refrigerator and cooking facilities.
A large common dining table is shaded in the open space next to the outdoor kitchen.